What’s with the Iphone obsession?

This obsession with the infamous Iphone is nothing new, of course not. But every hype has to end some time, doesn’t it?

Of course there is a new hype every time Apple brings out a new Iphone which has a different shape and…um…has a different shape. What’s the difference again? I can’t believe there are really people who will queue up in front of a shop all night just to get the new Iphone. That’s all it is really, isn’t it? You’re paying for the name and the hype. But in reality it’s just as good as any Smartphone these days.

And people aren’t happy when they have a Iphone. They’re satisfaction sinks immediately as soon as a new version of the phone is produced and advertised. This really only proves that the phone itself isn’t that thrilling, right? There’s nothing special about the phone itself. I personally love my phone (well, I like it a lot). It’s a Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray in gold. I chose it from hundreds of phones and I bought and meanwhile Sony Ericsson has produced many more Smartphones and they’re quite nice. But they’re not like mine; which is perfect for me. One extreme example of hype-ism (yes, I invent words because I’m COOL) is a guy who wanted to Iphone 5 for his birthday and his parents got him the Iphone 4s instead. First, he insulted his parents and posted his discontent on Facebook (another addiction that sort of goes hand in hand with Smartphones) and got absolutely furious and threatened to scratch his new phone’s display to get an Iphone 5. In the end someone had called his parents and he was grounded for three weeks and they took the phone of him too. Serves him right, I’d say.

Additionally, Smartphones – especially the Iphone – hinders inter-human communication. If you go to a restaurant for example you’ll see at least 50 % of the guests focusing on their phone 50 % of the time, ignoring the person who happens to be talking to you directly. A german show did a report of the over-usage of Smartphones and they asked the people in a restaurant why they had their phones out on the table when they were supposed to be talking to their partner. One woman replied she likes to be informed if something important happens. Then they asked what was important. She replied: “Well..Facebook.”


Seriously there are loads of people posting all sorts of pointless on Facebook and frankly, I don’t give a damn. And if that’s what you call important; that’s first world problems for you. But that’s a different post.

So, today in school we were working on our scenes and as soon as we’d stopped (sometimes even in the scenes) everyone got their Iphone out and while they were mesmerized by the magical Iphone screens you couldn’t talk to them because they weren’t in the room anymore, mentally. It’s frustrating. These Iphones are limiting our productivity. What can be so important that you have to constantly have to check their phone every five minutes instead of in engaging in real human interaction? The world doesn’t move that fast!

And every Iphone owner I know almost has a heart attack every time they drop it as it it were a living being – but maybe they just secretly know that it’s a very fragile phone and they’d be better off with a more robust phone to go with their clumsy lifestyle.

I heard that some Iphone owners break their old Iphones as soon as the new one comes out. How pathetic is that? Did you know that most phone companies harvest their metals from African mines with child labour when there’s enough of these metals in Europe, but at a higher cost for the company? If you keep buying a new phone every six months this will only support this kind of cruel behaviour. As far as the website leads you to belive Sony Ericsson doesn’t use child labour – but I can’t guarantee for Apple. Who knows if they really cleaned after their scandal last year?

I’m just saying; before there were Iphones – there were people.


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