I have to stop! Day 19

Guess what? What? I didn’t bite my nails today? Oh awesome, well done! Thanks man!

A little weird but you get the message, right?

Yeeh…I realize my Habites-Posts are rather short lately. I don’t know why this is exactly, but I’m guessing it’s due to being tired from school and nothing very eventful happens.

Let’s see…what’s new? My leg hurts. Why? Ah, well good question. I’m too stupid to walk is the reason and to stupid to jump. I used to have crossed legs (when you keep tripping) and so I was always falling over. These problems don’t occur anymore. Well, I thought so anyway. But today I bent my foot twice and fell over once. And I’m too stupid to jump over the bar (well, luckily it’s a rope) in high-jump and I simply jump into it. And even though it’s all very soft there, I’ve managed to hurt my back. I just can’t control myself^^

What else? Well, instead of taking the dog for a walk for 40 minutes, I went for 1 hour and 2o minutes, because the owner is ill and couldn’t go later in the day.

That’s how eventful my day has been.

Sometimes I wish I could just build in a twist; like in a plot, except that it would be real. When everything seems fine and your simply eating lunch: BOOM! A 50-year-old woman decides to strip of and run through the school building with police following her and everything. But the police, today all men, have problems arresting her because she could sue them for accident (or maybe not so accident) touching her lady parts. Yes…



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