I have to stop! Day 24 – aaand I have to speak up -.-

Tomorrow will be our final rehearsal before the play and it’s all coming together nicely. I know all of my lines and we work well together as a group and it’s good to get feedback. But please – not every five seconds. We have three teachers in drama, as you know, two of them are okay, they’ll watch the scene and then tell you what you have to improve. The other teacher was just yelling about all the time. She’s like a screamo artist where you ask yourself when they’re going to get a sore throat.

Imagine; you’re on stage, the lights in your eyes – you can’t see anything but the people ON stage. And then you hear a voice from afar: “No, do that again! Speak up! Speak up! Five times as loud! Again! Sorry, wasn’t listening! AGAIN! LOUDER!”

At one point I was shouting because I was so annoyed. She should learn to simply shut up for once.
I realize I need to speak up. For me yelling is normal speaking to them, apparently. It’s really something I have to work on. But annoying me and the rest of the students is not the best way to achieve that.

However; my nails. I did not bite. But I nibbled a lot, also due to fact I couldn’t speak loud enough and I that my teacher constantly reminded me of it. I just couldn’t get loud enough! It’s annoying. I’ve always been quiet. I have to speak up. I know. Uff -.-

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