The blame-game

My dad was cleaning up the kitchen in a hysteric fashion as usual and he opened the cupboard door and a glass dish fell out and broke.

His first thought, of course: Whose fault is it?

He asked us who’d balanced the dishes on top of eacher (or you know, put them in as usual) to therefore cause it to be instable and fall apart as soon as he opened the door. He said it must have been me since I used that dish yesterday to make lunch. Sorry I made lunch. Though I told him I didn’t put the dish back in, it was still my fault because I took it out and shifted the other dishes.

So he wants to play the blame-game? Fine.

Cleaning day is on Wednesday. Today is Thursday. If he had stuck to the plan and cleaned up yesterday, it never would have happened because the dish would have still been in the dishwasher. Also, he wouldn’t have been so stressed cleaning up and the force of his opening the door wouldn’t have caused the dishes to tremble.

Or well, he could have just cooked me lunch – or I could have gone on stage hungry.

Do you see how stupid this game is?

Why do we blame anyway? I have a bad mood. I have a bad mood. It’s not because some inner urge is bugging me, but because I’m tired and I’ll get over it.

Yesterday I could have gone through 60 people to find out who exactly moved my chair, which made me have to look for a new one. But I didn’t. Instead I just went to get a new chair and played the scene as usual.

It’s these random things like blaming someone for something they didn’t do or at least not on purpose that ruin relationships. I was just telling my sister something when the whole thing started. Before, we were all in the living room. Now, none of us are. It’s unreasonable and completely unnessecary.

May I add he does that a lot. He knocks a glass down and asks who left it standing there. He breaks a mug and asks why it wasn’t in the dishwasher yet (I saw him smash it against the wall twice, by the way).

At one point he just might have to face the fact that – his fault or not – he tends to break a lot of things. And he can’t keep on blaming us for it. Things just happen. There’s no deeper meaning to it, no reason to start an arguement about who did it. Not when it’s about a mug or a glass dish.

Why do you have to blame anyone for anything? All it does is create hate. Surely blame sometimes can’t be avoided, but don’t blame blindly, blame wisely.

IF you’re going to start blaming people, then you should start with yourself. But it would be best to just get over it, thank you.



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