Don’t worry, I’m alive!!!

Although I’m still ill and my garden is pretending to be Narnia when it’s clearly just cold -.-

And well, yesterday the bus didn’t show up and neither did the next one after that. My cold was getting better before that. You’d think after having winter and snow every year bus companies wouldn’t have problems like this.

However, I realize it’s unusual for me to be absent for so long, not even apologising frantically the next day for forgetting.

I’ve been ill, but also going to school, so I’ve basically been catching up on studying and sleep.

Update: I bit my nails on Tuesday, but not yesterday or today.

So now I’ve decided this will be my last month of Habites. It’s the final chapter. I’ll be starting on Monday, starting from 30, counting down to 1.

I’m stopping. That’s it. There’s no point in starting another Habites-Session if it’s not leading up to anything.

So I’ll try to blog over the weekend, but I’m afraid I’ve fallen a bit out of sinc. Bye bye 🙂


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