Habites – The last stand DAY 29

That big epic plan is still in progress, apparently. I didn’t do much, but I nibbled. I was stopped on time by my legendary singer songwriter friend and I’ve filed my nails thoroughly and I even bought a pretty nail varnish. I thought it might be aspirational.

But first I have to figure out how to paint my nails nicely, not getting it all over the rest of my finger. It’s not all that easy…

at the moment it would not look any good because they don’t have the same length and some still have sore edges. Don’t worry, they’re recovering. But the majority looks quite good and strong, I hope.

Oh and today when I bought the nail varnish among other things (like books; see how literate I am?) the woman in front of me bought three XL packs of cigarettes! I usually don’t judge, but honestly, simply committing suicide would be cheaper and just as efficient as that!


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