Habites – The last stand DAY 28

Today I realized three things:

Number one: When I’m full of energy and outside, but have no music, I begin to talk to myself. The thoughts in my mind become very vivid until my mouth starts moving and my face starts to show emotion and sometimes I start speaking aloud. And if I’m not careful, someone will see it before I can stop. As I said; weird is the new normal.

Number two: If I want to be a writer, I have to deal with rejection. Today was a perfect example for that. I didn’t win a writing competition. But the good news is, I’ll keep trying.

Number three: I’m awfully confused. Lately I’ve been realizing my passion for film, editing them, catching the right moments. I’ve even been thinking about applying for a short internship at an editing company. And then I hear about the dreadful things that happen every day and I wonder if I deserve to just do what I like, when so many don’t. And then I wonder if I can change anything at all.

I didn’t bite my nails today. It was a successful day, in that sense, but a sad one too.


One thought on “Habites – The last stand DAY 28

  1. if film is your passion then you should follow your passion. It is possible then to use your passion later on to help people. Who knows what sort of films you might make? Plus we should not stop ourselves doing something just because so many others have no choice. You not doing what you can choose to do will not help anybody else achieve their dreams. You need to be thankful that you were lucky enough to be born in the west, where we have so many chances, and use those chances. Those who are dreaming but cannot follow their dreams, still try in many cases to escape their lot, and many will succeed.

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