Habites – The last Stand DAY 27

Again no biting! But to be honest I did nibble a bit :/

And I was in Spanish class today, because I was bored. Fancy that?

I had three free periods and my dear friends had either to decided to get ill or go home under some other circumstance, so I was alone. Yes, poor me. I did some homework, but I was in a bad mood until I met some other friendly faces who invited me to Spanish class. (Note: I only have French)

I didn’t understand a word, but at least I now know how to write a CV in Spanish^^

And to finish off; have a listen to this song.

You all know it and if you don’t; get a life and go watch it. I think it must be my favorite Disney movie and no, I’m not ashamed of it! It’s a classic!
I like it so much because it’s not the typical tale of a maiden waiting ages for her prince, who seems to be the only key to change her life. In this tale, she actually saves him and, yes, okay, they fall in love (which may imply him being a little bisexual), but we don’t have the typical ending of getting married in a beautiful dress; her life thereby having no further goal.



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