Habites – The last stand DAY 18

I was successful! No bite-se-nails as my mother would say when she wants me to stop it. Let’s hope I can keep it that way since the last two days didn’t go as planned.

Tomorrow morning will be the end of a cold, snowy, rainy – yet absolutely wonderful week in Switzerland, the place where I was born and raised (though my education is not yet competed. I still don’t know how to fill in a tax form and I still can’t bake) and which has given me the Inspiration for three new texts (in German) and a new story plot I got a lot of help for by my best friend 🙂

Also, I’m a bit stiff from sleeping on a mattress that used to be much softer when I was ten because ten-year-old’s usually don’t weigh as much as a seventeen-year-old and I might be getting the flu again from all the snow and lack of winter boots (What did you expect? Flus LOVE me).
I might have to do some yoga…or have a bath.

So for tomorrow: Happy Easter everyone! My mother is forcing me to go to church with a load of old people who remember how I was this small and well, I probably won’t know half of them.
However I’m sure it will be great singing songs I don’t know at a pitch that sounds far too high about a guy I’m not sure I believe in. I hope my mother reads this after tomorrow 🙂 I’m just honest.


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