Habites – The last stand DAY 10

Not long until my deadline. But I’m doing well. I didn’t nibble or bite today, but I still suck at applying nail varnish, especially since I keep spilling everything.

It seems I’ll be rehabilitated just in time for my 18th birthday or just about. I could finish a day early to make it work^^

I think I’ll be writing a french exam on my birthday, but that’s okay, considering it was chemistry last year.

The depressing thing is; I’ll be 18 and old enough to donate blood, but I’m just under the minimum weight requirement. Sorry I’m not fat -.-

It’s not my fault I have an allergy and can’t stuff myself with proper Italian pizza and Kebab (there’s a vegi version of that too) and burgers or cake and whatever else there is I can’t eat.

APPLE PIE! Don’t forget apple pie! I love apple pie. My mother made it gluten-free once…yumm yumm yumm…

Sorry if I just made you hungry. Go have a banana, as my mother would say. I don’t like bananas that much. I prefer apples or oranges or pineapple or mangos or kiwis or pears – but not bananas. So here’s the question: Why does everyone always suggest having a banana?


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