I ate potato gratin for breakfast this morning.
Why? Well, two reasons. The first one is that I like potato gratin (it’s a bake, incase you didn’t know) a lot. And secondly I’m trying to gain weight fast.


I know, I know it should be the other way around. But, ladies especially, please don’t judge someone who’s trying to gain some weight for a change.

You see, you usually I feel quite comfortable with my figure and I don’t feel like I have to change because I’ve accepted that the only big thing about me is my nose.
The only reason I’m eating main meals for breakfast is that I want to be able to donate blood in three weeks.

There is a minimum weight requirement of 50 kg … I don’t know what that’s equivalent to in other parts of this world, sorry…and I weigh..not that. I weight about 48.5 kg. It has to do with my life-long gluten-intolerance and probably also the fact that I’m vegetarian.

However this post is not about how I plan to gain weight in under three weeks, it’s about a more general thing.

I’m thin. I know, those are words most women want to be able to say and also most men I’d say, though they might use another word.

So, I’m thin, skinny in fact and I always have been and so far I’ve not had that many problems with it.

They used to call me anorexic before puberty and even when I was just normal they persisted on making me feel bad about myself.

Gladly those times are over now, but still even my friends remark how “meagre” I am. But they know I eat a lot and I have a very large stomach to fill. It hurts the most when people claim I don’t eat anything.

Another thing the bullies used to say was: “Why don’t you eat something for once?”

I’m not the only one. Surely there are millions or at least thousands who feel like they need to gain a bit of weight.

And people talk about their diets all the time. They say how fat they are and how they need to lose weight and how hard it is.

Why can’t I say the same?

I feel like I can’t really talk to anyone about how I want to gain weight. I’ve tried and got answers like: “Wow, I’d like your problems.” or a male friend said: “I hope you don’t talk about this with your female friends!”
Even my friend who is also really thin and looks great the way she is feels like she needs to lose weight.
I come back from being sick complaining I’ve lost too much weight. At a school of 1’800 students you’d think there’s someone who can understand your complaints.

So basically I’m trying to say: Yes, there are people who are naturally skinny and fine, hate them for it, but don’t make them feel it. Don’t call them anorexic when they’re not, don’t tell them to eat something – they do.

Of course there are people with bulimia, but not all of us are. Or do you go around pointing out how fat someone is? If you did that you’d get slapped in the face or elsewhere. You know how much I talk about food in my blog post. And I don’t just talk about it, I eat it.

So I won’t talk about it to my friends or anyone, even if it something bothering me at the moment.
I’ve been wanting to donate blood for years and I don’t want something like my weight to get in the way of that.

I’ll just have to wait and see if they’ll take it or not.


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