After humanity

All great civilisations end, the ancient Egyptians, the Celts, the ancient Romans, the ancient Greeks, the Persians and any other rather ancient civilisation there was since history started.

So here’s the thing: There’s quite a large chance that our civilisation will end too – in fact, the human race could die. I don’t know how, I don’t really need to know, but at some point there might be no human soul left on this earth.

And maybe it’s for the best.

I know, I know. We invented tons of stuff, started by building huts out of straw, ended up with an Iphone (really, that’s the best we could come up with?). We led a load of epic wars and made some epic films about it, developed diverse cultures and languages: WELL DONE!

Surely, we achieved a few quite things. But we also messed up quite a lot.

The other night my dad was watching a program on television in which it showed scenarios after humanity.

Every few 100 years some of our buildings would decay some more, nature would slowly start taking back its territory, animals would repopulate and in the midst of it would be the ruins of humanity. It was great!
Imagine entering into a world, a wild jungle ahead, and various ancient monuments covered up by roots or even swallowed by the sea, hiding the mysteries of our time.

In the program of course they acted like all this decay was a bad thing and what a shame it’d be to see our highways and monuments fall apart and become part of nature again. It made me smile though. This program – even if it was only built on theoretical scenarios – showed that nature would do fine taking back her territory and that we hadn’t made an irreparable mess. The only thing I was rather discontent about was that big pile of plastic garbage in the north of the Pacific. It’s not pretty. It’s garbage! According to my friend the internet the great pacific garbage patch has grown to be the largest garbage pile in the world, covering about the twice the amount of Germany. That’s over 700000 km2, which is equivalent to about 270271 mi2. It’s huge.
Anyway, this pile of garbage would still be there 600 years after the end of humanity, garbage still coming up the stream to join the large pile. After a while it would start to desolve in the sunlight and emit loads of toxic substances.

I can only repeat myself: WELL DONE!

Seriously, the thing that will last the longest is a pile of garbage? What does that say about our civilisation?
I think basically what I’m saying is; I get that’s our urge to survive and stuff, but we can’t live forever. And when we’re gone, we’ll just be another great civilisation that found its end – nobody’s really going to miss us, because I can assure you no drowning polar bear ever really benefited from our presence, nor any other animal really, especially not those driven into extinction. They’ll probably be quite happy to have some more space. Just saying.

Oh, and will someone please take out the garbage?


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