Habites – The last stand DAY 3

It’s the final countdown – dorororo-dororototoo-dororororo-dororototototoooooo!!!!

And luckily enough for all of us (yes, this involves YOU too and YOUU specifically) I didn’t bite my nails.

I was at a casting today for a movie :O

No idea if I got the part because we’ll get contacted with a “come again” and if they hate us then we’ll never hear from them again…so yes 🙂

And to finish off with: Here are two young artists who have not yet become utterly famous.

One of them; a young American who makes YouTube videos and has some originals too. I simply love his voice, also I like his originals:

The second candidate is a young Australian. I got to know his music at the Tom Tom Crew’s Show, a group of crazy acrobats of which he is part of. But he also writes music too and some of it is in coalition with his friend Tom Thumb (Therefore the name “Tom Tom Crew”), the best beatboxer I’ve encountered so far.


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