Habites – The last stand DAY 0


It’s been seven months since my very first https://pinappleflavouredpeople.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/habites/ post, which is an adequate time in my opinion to get over something I’d been doing for what? Ten years or so?

And no, my nails aren’t all that pretty at the moment. They’re still rather week from all the biting and the edges are still a bit pinker than they should be, but most of them do have an adequate length and strength with healthy looking edges. Others don’t, due to my latest fall backs. Today though, I was very good and didn’t bite or nibble.

A few years from now nobody except me and you…and my family and friends…will even guess I ever bit my nails.

I saw a young girl on the bus once who bit her nails. They were awfully short, dried out, close to bleeding, the skin peeled off at the edges and yet she kept biting them.

Well, that was me five years ago.

So I suppose the only way to give up any addiction is determination. Other things might help, but at the end it’s all you. You have to make that decision for yourself, you have to pull through and ignore everyone else. Sounds awfully epic, but it’s true.

So what else? Thanks for putting up with my back and forth. You have been most faithful 🙂

*She bows respectfully, sighes in a happy manner – and exits!*


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