No pressure

So how are you? Saved any trees yet?
My hand hurts, but it’s alright.
I’m off to save a whale after dinner.
I don’t eat meat when I cook.
My mother cooks for me.
Do you know how to cook?
How’s your mission to save the world going?
Done anything yet?
It’s hard, harder for me.
I love you.
Do you realise how much this hurts? It really hurts!
But I’ll hold onto you anyway. Because love hurts.
Why won’t hold my hand?
I’ll be saving whales later. And what will you do?
I’ll show you how to tie a knot. Then we can go sailing. We can save whales together.
I’ll show you how.
I’ll show you how to kiss me. What are you doing?
What if you fall for someone else? I’ m worried.
I’m going for a long walk, a pilgrimage across Spain.
My knee was inflamed, but I had to finish on foot – for me.
Do you still know how to tie a knot?
Why won’t you kiss me?
I’m worried. I miss our discussions.
I’ll come to live here. I would do that for you, would you?
Why wouldn’t you?
I’ll never meet anyone like you.
How’s your mission going?
It’s much harder for me.
I still love you.
You’re just scared; I know this is all so new for you. Don’t worry.
I’ll show you.
Now how about another knot?


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