Stick-Me strikes again

You might or might not remember my post from a few weeks ago called “Stick-Me”.

I was saying how some people actually are naturally thin and try to gain weight instead of loosing it. Today was supposed to be the day I was meant to have reached my goal of 50 kg (Remember, I’m short!) because that’s the minimum weight you need to be able to donate blood.

Instead, I weigh a few grams more than I did three weeks ago, yet not 50 kg, also, I have an upset stomach due to eating too many peanuts this morning after seeing my insufficient weight.

In the last few weeks I’ve upset my stomach a few times, because apparently it can’t take in as much as I need to gain those extra kilos (not that many) and yesterday evening I needed another 300 grams to reach my goal and today I need 2 kilos! What the heck?

Of course two of my friends hate me now because I told them I didn’t weigh enough, which of course is absurd in a normal persons world (If you read my post you’ll see that was sarcasm).

So, I’m still getting over feeling sick (or I might be getting ill, so I wouldn’t be able to donate anyway -.-) and waiting for the next time I could donate blood, hopefully I’ll have gained enough weight, probably not though.




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