When I still had a tiny TV in my bedroom with a slot for videos and a cover for the TV that looked like a fishtank

In my childhood there was a film I always used to watch. I remember my mother used to take it off me because I had nightmares.

It’s not a Disney Classic, but it explains so many things that have to do with the way I think today. It’s amazing.

Have you ever heard of the film “FernGully”? It’s about a Fairy named Chrysta who lives in FernGully with all of the other fairies and animals among the trees. They are the guardians of creation. Thousands of years ago, the eldest fairy, Maggie, managed to trap Hexxus, the creature of destruction in an enchanted tree to preserve the rainforest. Before the whole thing with Hexxus happened, Humans and Fairies used to be best friends, but the fairies assumed that humans were extinct because of Hexxus. They call the stories “Humantales”, which I think is a nice little twist. Maybe “Fairytales” aren’t all that wrong after all.

Chrysta decides to go up over the treetops to explore and meets Zak, a human, and accidentally shrinks him. Zak is this young Australian (his hair-do reveals when this film was made: the 90’s) who works for a company that’s clearing the forest. Unfortunately they cut down the enchanted tree which had had Hexxus trapped inside and Hexxus takes over this massive chain saw machine on wheels (Chrysta calls it a monster that eats the trees) and commands the employees who lazy, a little stupid and greedy, to head for FernGully where all the fairies live.
Meanwhile Chrysta has taken Zak back to FernGully with the help of the bat, Batty, who has some electronic device attacked to his brain after animal testing.

Zak first lies about having anything to do with the chain saw machine on wheels, but has to come out with it when he realises that FernGully is the next target. It’s really awful seeing all the destruction after having seen how beautiful the forest is – or was. Zak manages to stop the machine in the very last minute before it destroys the fairies’ “hometree” and the fairies trap Hexxus back in a tree once and for all. Zak decides to go back and becomes the world’s first environmental activist and plants a magical seed that makes the forest flourish again.

The film ends with the lines blended in: “For our children and our children’s children.”


So this really is a really environmentally motivated film and I used to watch this all the time! It was my favorite film!

It explains so many things about me: Why I held on to the belief in fairies for so long (still haven’t quite stopped), why I’m not afraid of the woods, why I’m prone to becoming ecologically interested, why I went looking for fairies in the woods!

This is a good film! There isn’t even a love story in it! It’s really about the trees! I have to say I’m rather proud considering my favorite film used to be ecologically motivated.

Also, there are A LOT of similarities to Avatar in this film! But that’s another subject.
However I have no idea how I suddenly came to remember this film. I was really just surfing the web and something must have triggered it. I’m so glad I found it again. I must have seen it the last time when I was about seven years old.

Even if you’re grown-up now, you should watch it. It doesn’t tell you anything you already know, because we do know about how destructive humans are, but it makes you realise the impact it may have, even if you don’t believe in fairies.

Also, it’s accompanied by a little Jazz or Rap music. It’s very weird, but again, has a lot of truth in it.

For our children and our children’s children.



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