Dear Mr. Maths

I was studying for a maths exam this last weekend it really drove me insane. In order to let off some steam, I decided to write “Mr. Maths” a very personal letter – here’s the outcome:  We’ve spent the last two days trying to understand each other – it was intense and now my head … More Dear Mr. Maths

Sunlight, Starlight – Midnight poetry

Sunlight, Starlight in their eyes Dreams of moonlight in their smile Sunlight, moonlight, breath of life Moonlight, Starlight, stopping time Fire and water how they move Rain and sky and earth and moon Every time a different tune of Sunlight, Starlight, Earth and Moon Trembling words, cold and fire a never-ending row of liars necessities … More Sunlight, Starlight – Midnight poetry

New job, bad start

I started my new student job today – packing bags. It was okay, standing was tiring, but most people were very friendly. However I’m knackered now. But there’s one thing that’s really getting me down. My very first customer was an invalid man. He was old, grey, miserable, was missing half a leg and an … More New job, bad start

A world where everyone wants to be the judge with the hammer

The other night I went to see a brilliant play performed by the youth group (my age and older) at the Frankfurt theatre. It was set in modern-day, but also about the “Swing-Youth” during the time of national socialism. But as it was set in present time, the actors would say: “If I had been … More A world where everyone wants to be the judge with the hammer