Give or take independence

Turning 18 changed a few things. I’m none the wiser, none the taller, but still. I got a letter from the bank so I can transfer all my accounts to my name. I haven’t done that yet. I’m so used to my mother handling anything to do with money, I’m even too afraid to pay for my What’s App and it’s not even a Euro. As a consequence, I can’t use it anymore, so at one point I’m going to have to get familiar with PayPal and all of that stuff. I’ve applied for  a second job (as you know I walk a dog once a week) on the weekend and I’m confident I’ll get it (good thing being an optimist). It’s basically packing bags at a supermarket like in America. But I wonder how many people really use this service.

I haven’t donated any blood yet because I don’t weigh enough and I wasn’t feeling well that day.

Oh and I signed my first sick note (myself) 😀 That felt weird and good.

Also, I could play the lottery. But I’m not sure if I should. I’m good at getting addicted to stuff, though I think I’m not the type to spend actual money on an addiction. I’d thought I get a lottery ticket on my birthday and that’d be the only time I’d ever play, but I forgot. I wouldn’t have won anything anyway. I’ll have to think about it.

I still haven’t started my driver’s license yet. I haven’t even signed up yet. I wonder if I ever will. Of course it’s handy to have a license if you need to drive somebody to the hospital or home from a party (taking into consideration I’ll ever be the type to party), but I don’t really need a car myself. I live in a small town, but we have busses and trains, cabs and bikes – and feet. And if you live in an even larger city you won’t want a car. And after all, the big city is what I’m aiming for.

My parents went to visit relatives in England from Wednesday to Monday evening. It was great! I ironed, cleaned, cooked, even dusted (though I’m not a fan, I keep knocking things down), went shopping and watered my mother’s plants. The last few times they went away we kind of forgot…

However it felt to be independent like that. I let my sister put on a wash, because I’m never really sure about what colours to wash together. I don’t want something red coming out purple! So, that’s a thing I still need to learn, but otherwise: Bring on the flat in the city! Well, I still need to figure out all the things to do with money: Bills, taxes and…online transactions and so on, but at least I don’t feel like I’m absolutely unprepared.

Then yesterday my parents came home (they didn’t bother saying goodbye, by the way, they just left^^) and my mother complained about my untidy bed and my father asked when school starts and told me to go to bed.

And I’ve noticed it’s much less tidy in the kitchen now my parents are back too. I’m weird.

I miss you, Miss independence.


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