New job, bad start

I started my new student job today – packing bags. It was okay, standing was tiring, but most people were very friendly. However I’m knackered now. But there’s one thing that’s really getting me down. My very first customer was an invalid man. He was old, grey, miserable, was missing half a leg and an arm, his skin was all flaky. He had a bag strapped around his body so he could carry his shopping. But I was so nervous I just went straight ahead with the standard question, I didn’t understand at first he couldn’t carry any other bags. In the end I helped him pack his own back, but I’m really ashamed of myself that it took so long for me to get it.

The next four hours were full of friendliness and what not, but I can’t forget this man and how insensitive I must have seemed.

It’s an awful feeling.




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