My eventful trip to Berlin

Today was my first day in Germany’s capital city: Berlin 🙂 My mother and I arrived here yesterday evening – late. We were supposed to arrive around nine, but various diversions lead us to arriving at our destination. So we got our train from Frankfurt at 4 p.m or so. The train was absolutely packed due to the bank holiday. Because we left Frankfurt Main Station a few minutes later than planned because it took ages for everyone to even get on the train and for other reasons, they announced that we were going to be late by about 13 minutes. We had to change at our via-point within 9 minutes, so basically we missed it. Gone were our reserved seats. The next train was as packed as the last and as we didn’t have our seat reservations anymore, we had to stand. Also, we’d sort of planned to get some food from the restaurant was on, but it was also packed (with people simply sitting there having a beer instead of real food like we would have had). I survived on Pringle’s and a bottle of water. Eventually we got seats in a closed off compartment with a couple of very friendly people. One man is chairman of some chemical company (looked rich) and is attending a boardmeetig somewhere today. This train was also late, but luckily we didn’t have  a connection to catch. Anyway we got off at Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) and went to find a ticket office, then we wanted to get the metro, but the line we wanted was broken. We would have had to take a train and then a bus, so my mother decided we ought to take a cab. The taxi driver drove us to the address and said it wasn’t there and it was probably wrong. We had to convince him to let us out and stop randomly drive up and down the street. So then we looked and looked (in the rain) and could not find it. We called up and she said she’d pick us up – we waited there for a few long minutes until she finally came to get us. It was basically just over the road, but hidden and naturally not sign posted or anything. When we’d checked in we went to eat some food – finally – and then fell into bed. Now, you need to know the weather forecast said it was going to rain all day, so that’s what we were set out for. So it was wonderful to see that it was actually sunny and warm! It was great! We had a juice in a frozen yoghurt, juice – type place. I’ve decided Berlin is Germany’s city of Hipsters, but I don’t mind – embrace the Hipster 🙂 Then we went to Madame Tusseauds and my mum FINALLY got to meet George Clooney – Winston Churchill too. I’ll post some pictures later on. It was very impressive, scary too since they seemed so real! It was all well made too, the only thing that bothered me was the amazing amount of people having their picture taken with every wax figure, no matter if they were a fan or not. I had mine taken with one of my favorite German comedians, Michael Bully Herbig and Shrek, also I posed with Lisa Minnelli. When we were finished we decided to get some lunch – that was yummy 🙂 And it got colder, we assumed it was going to rain. But of course it didn’t. We moved on to the “Hackescher Markt” and into the “Hackeschen Höfe” were you can buy lots of pretty and unique things – also we found a chocolate shop and my mum went mad, but I don’t mind at all 🙂 We took the Metro back – it broke down and blacked out for a few minutes, but it doesn’t seem to be unusual since everyone  was completely calm. Then we took the bus and THEN we finally got back. By the way our apartment hotel is right next to checkpoint Charlie 🙂 And now I’m rather exhausted, especially since I was carrying our food shopping back on the last bit.  So far it has only showered for about five minutes just while I was writing this post and that’s it. So much for an accurate weather report 🙂


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