Why Marvel movies are terrific

I really thought my friends and I shared the same opinion on a very important subject: The Marvel Superhero movies. I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the comics, yet I appreciate the movies A LOT. Actually I didn’t realize how much I loved these movies until some of my friends told me they thought “Iron man is boring.”


Iron Man? Starting out with an arrogant, narcissistic soon-to-be hero who realizes his own mistakes and finally wakes up to see the evil plot running against him in his own company? Working on his daddy-issues? Being a genius who found out how to fly without a plain?

BORING? Excuse me? Not only is the character well thought through, and of course a hero needs to have enhanced characteristics to make him special as a person, but also played by the brilliant Robert Downey Jr.

They said they didn’t finish the film (and it really hurts to remember their words) because they thought it was boring! It’s one of the most epic movies I’ve seen!

“So what about Captain America?” I asked, already fighting the increasing dismay crawling all the way outside from my bones. “I didn’t finish that either.” They said. “I started to fast forward because I got bored.”

Let me just clarify something: If you have not seen a movie one million times and already know every detail, you may fast forward. If it’s a movie you’ve never seen YOU CANNOT! YOU CANNOT! You might miss vital details, for example the fine conversations between Steve Rogers and his never-to-be lover Peggy Carter (I cried so much at the end) about him finding his ideal dance partner and in the end he finally promises to meet her on the dance floor – but of course he’ll never make it. Or you’ll see how he wanted to be a hero, but instead he was stuck in a silly costume to entertain the American soldiers. You don’t get all that if you fast forward. Besides, you never stop catching up new details. And come on, the movie stars Chris Evans (he’s been working out…) and brilliant Tommy Lee Jones! Dominic Cooper does a great job as the inventor too, EVERYBODY does.

I was close to tears at this point, seriously I was. They admitted they liked Thor because Chris Hemsworth…well he does resemble a god, don’t you think? But that’s really the only reason apparently.

They said that all Superhero-Movies follow a similar scheme and that makes them boring. Okay, yes, mostly someone attains sudden special abilities and has to deal with this new ability, faces their biggest enemy, saves the world. That’s what heroes do! DUH!

First of all, the bad guys are always different – yes, they share a similar evil grin and are somewhat indestructible, but otherwise there would be no real challenge) – Thor’s enemy is a whole other planet and his own brother, Susan Storm’s Ex-Boyfriend (fantastic four) comes to take his greedy revenge, Captain America faces the Nazis and a guy who can pull his face off, Iron Man faces his closest friend and later a Russian lunatic (I haven’t yet seen the third, so don’t spoil) and in Avengers they face their own weaknesses – and  the people of Jotunheim and the Hulk AND the government and Hawkeye for a bit too (A seriously cool dude who’s a brilliant archer).

Second of all, the hero’s themselves are always different too. After all, you couldn’t put together a crew of heroes that are all the same, could you? Captain America and Iron Man often get into discussions over different political views, actually. Also, they don’t end the same, some don’t end all that well (Hulk hides in the jungle, Captain America never shows up for that dance because he wakes up long after Peggy has died). So, they’re all different, otherwise how could I have favorites.

Furthermore they then said that they hated Fantastic Four, which used to be my favorite movie for several years. The chemistry between the Torch and the Thing is hilarious.

I was actually shouting by the time one of the two treacherous friends said that Avengers was actually the biggest *peep* of them all. But I didn’t let her explain, I kind of lost it…

Anyway it is NOT *peep*, but really brilliant and funny and I love Loki too!

I realize that people have different opinions – but you don’t start out a conversation with – remember this, it may save your life someday – “Iron Man was boring.”

…it still hurts.

This is just about what I looked like today, but paler.

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