Not cut out for this

Two things: I’m hot and I want it now!

I’m guessing a part of you was thinking impure thoughts right now 🙂

Anyway, no, that’s not what I meant (if it were I’d start another blog for “impure” thoughts).

I’m hot – I’m sweating and I feel like I’m wearing a corset, because breathing feels so heavy.

The last few weeks in Germany have been so confusing – weatherwise. In the north-east of Germany we had (not me, but I feel sorry for those who did) massive floodings, up to the rooftops. The damage is huge in some parts because people didn’t evacuate soon enough. For days the military and volunteers were piling sand sacks and all sorts of things to keep the water away, but it didn’t help of course. Now, it’s slowly going back, but they say it will take months to fix everything (I think it will take longer than that though).

The government has promised immediate financial help of about 2000 Euros.

Like hurricane Sandy was a good campaign boost for Obama (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing), this flood (though not as destructive as a hurricane) is a great campaign boost for Mrs. Merkel – great -.-
A place called “Fischerdorf” in Bavaria – not the best place to be during a flood.

Good thing is now there’s this massive heat wave over Germany (only until thursday though) and well – the water has a chance to go back into the river. Thing is – I’m not cut out for this heat. Not only is it immensely hot (at nine in the evening it was still about 30 ° Celcius) – if you went outside around lunchtime it felt like you were being baked at 250 ° celcius – but also really humid. I’m guessing it was about 35 ° Celcius.

I know there are hotter places in this world – but I don’t live there for a reason. If I wanted to almost collapse every time I go out in the sun, I would move to Dubai or a patch in the Sahara, but I live in Germany – where I expect it to be sunny for a few hours and then cloudy and cold for the rest of the time – but not constantly baking hot. Seriously I can bake my food outside now. It would work just as well. After all; I’m Wiking-like English! I do rain and thunderstorms to go with my pale skin – I don’t get a tan, I take on the colour of a clown’s nose and sweat and get tired. I’m looking forward to thursday: Big thunderstorm 😀

The second thing I wanted to talk about was: I want it now.

What I want is a reply. Well, two – or maybe three.

Leaving friends who fail to communicate out of this post, I’m talking about the waiting process when you’re trying to find out if you’re in or if you’re out.

On friday I sent of my application for a big writing competition to Berlin. The send-by date is in July, but they don’t actually start looking at the texts until September. So at the end of September I will get my rejection letter. (I say rejection letter because I know there are too many people who are more like what the jury is looking for). I hate waiting. Even though I’m quite certain I won’t win, I still want to know. I’ll find out in 3 1/2 months!

I’ve entered the competition twice (three times counting this year) now and every time I had almost forgotten about, until I received a letter, got really excited and then really sad.

The second thing I hate waiting for is the reply on my job application. I found a good writing opportunity and I can do it from home. It would be great to gather the experience, as I don’t earn very much doing the job. Still, it would be great to get the job. I sent in my initial application on Sunday, got a reply on Monday evening to send in an article to see if I’m any good. I did so this morning. I’ll probably get a reply some time tomorrow – but I want to know now.

I’m not a patient person – why can’t people respond immediately like me? xD

So yes, those are the two things I wanted to blog about. Ta-da!


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