The “I hate maths” problem again

Although I realise how little my problems are, I can’t just ignore it, can I?

I’ve told you before – many times – that I hate maths. Every time I’m confronted with my maths teachers’ arrogant face I hate him and his subject even more. It grows daily.

Today I got really aggressive in fact. He came along with his usual phrases that we were all incompetent if we could do that (He uses this phrase so many times I can’t give a concrete example).

Then he told us to write down \sqrt{2} as a number. It was a trick question, because a) he’s an idiot and b) you don’t ever write down \sqrt{2} as a number because it’s infinite. I would have known that, actually. But because we all expected him to ask us sensible and difficult questions as he usually does we didn’t say what we were all thinking.

Then he said: “People, what if you go shopping and didn’t sum all the prices up in your head, then show up at the counter and notice you’ve not got enough money.”

Why is this a bad example? Have you ever seen a product priced with \sqrt{2} Dollars, Pounds or whatever currency you like? Really, you haven’t? Well that’s weird!

It was that stupid example and his general negative attitude and maths and morning that happened to be an almost explosive combination. I really felt it in my stomach; this huge ball of frustration, awakening the urge to turn violent.

Not only does it make me angry that I have to do maths, but that I don’t understand it and that my maths teacher can’t explain it to me at all and then blames me for being lazy – I admit meanwhile I have given up – but that I know he’s right when he says I’ll fail maths in my final exams. It might ruin my prospects of getting into my university of choice and I’ll end up on my plan B (well C, since writing is my Plan A) all because I failed a subject I don’t need anyway.

Even my English teacher says that it just ruins students’ final marks.

I’m not the only student who has large problems in maths. There are many more.

A lot of people pay for private tuition because the teachers in school can’t help everyone (hardly anyone in some subjects). And I know I’m being lazy and making it harder for myself, but I’m too frustrated with maths to even consider paying to do maths.

I’ve asked a friend to help me.

It will be the usual situation: Someone other than my adorable maths teacher explains it to me and I suddenly understand it! Then the teacher opens his mouth and all my comprehension is gone.

Why 😦


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