The Cory Monteith Hype

This is a delicate subject because as some of you may have heard over the news or over Facebook or Twitter, Cory Monteith, aged 31 and famous because of the musical comedy series “Glee”, has died.

Personally I feel sorry for his family and his friends, those close to him, but I’m not grieving. I’ve told you before how I feel about people expressing their “grief” over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. (you can give it a read here: )

I read an article about his death after reading on a celebrity’s Facebook page how sorry she felt that Cory was gone. She didn’t say Cory. She said Cory Monteith, so that everybody knew who she referencing, causing more people to post their usual “R.I.P . My prayers will be with you.”

He and his girlfriend, Lea, who had met on Glee were apparently to be married in a few weeks. It must be awful loosing a loved one so suddenly. But what’s worse is a world of Twitter and Facebook members expressing how sad they are over Cory Monteith’s death while you are trying to process what has happened. I would not want to be reminded by some random person who did not know him that my fiancé is dead.

Lea herself did not post anything. She did not feel the need to express her grief over some social media site in a maximum of about 50 letters.

Even worse is that there is a twitter hashtag page thing mourning Cory’s death, showing pictures of Lea crying over his coffin. That’s not the type of moment you publish on the net. It’s private. Grief should be private.

But apparently this is where we’re going: Social media grief. And I seem to be one of few who think that’s a bad thing. I think grief should be shared among friends – real friends, not Facebook friends or Twitter Followers. I think his family and friends should be able to mourn his death in silence, not in photographs.

Why can’t people just think to themselves that it’s a sad fact somebody has died, why do they have to post it online? What do they get from that? Attention, self-satisfaction because they’ve shown the world that they are compassionate?

I just hope that the close friends and family members of anyone get the time and space to mourn that they deserve. Nobody should take that away from them, they’ve already lost enough.


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