News update in three parts

There are several parts of this post today, three, I believe.

Number one is the hypothesis that teachers do actually influence whether or not you enjoy a subject. A new school year has started and until the end of last year I always told myself there is no point blaming teachers for my failing a subject or at least not enjoying it. But this year there have been a few changes. I have a new french teacher and I enjoy it so much more! I actually get excited again to go to class. The main change though is the change of my maths teacher.

I may or may not have mentioned the fact that I cannot stand my maths teacher and I’ve spent the last couple of years pulling my hair out over the subject. My old maths teacher has some kind of injury and needs to undertake an operation (when I think of how many times I wished he would somehow drop dead I really hope I had nothing to do with this), so our maths class was split up and put into different classes with different teachers.

My old maths teacher would first of all be ten minutes late (at least), then chat with the first row with all mathematically talented people, move on to moaning at me or my fellow maths weaklings for hindering him from starting the lesson. May I remind you: HE was late. HE was talking to the front row. What? Does he think I’m just going to sit there in silence while he talks about his sporty weekend with the front row?

Anyway, now I have a new teacher and she’s a very calm person who can explain well and has the patience to explain it again. Also, she does not – like other teachers I may have mentioned – constantly remind me that I will most probably fail my final maths exam and I’m generally completely incapable of grasping bla bla – bla bla – bla bla…anyhow I don’t dread my maths lesson anymore, also I am more confident in chemistry and maths now I have private tutoring. I suppose on the one hand I’m doing all I can to get the best out of this year’s grades. On the other hand I’m still dreading my final exams, feeling the urge to get out of school as soon as possible and simply travel about, which makes getting up every morning to go to school a lot harder (not to mention getting through the day). I think I’ve turned into an auto-student, someone who does the work , just waiting for it to be over. So, wish me luck.

The next part of this post involves me telling you about my new job. I have a dog-walking job, but I mean a proper job with which I earn money to save up for travelling. I’m a waitress, just waiting for this year to be over.

I’ve been working for about three weeks now and I enjoy it. I have no experience in working in a restaurant so they have to show me a lot of things, but I’m doing ok. I now know how to mix drinks and things, which is fun. I can take orders, serve drinks and food and pour beer straight from the keg (I think that’s what you call it). So there, that’s news for now.

Third and last part is about a little adventure I had today. I wasn’t really an adventure, but it’s the most exciting thing that has happened to be in a long time, so don’t judge.

I was out with the dog today and I threw her toy a little too far. Let’s just say it landed in somebody else’s garden. This garden was surrounded by high hedges, fences and a locked door. Oh, and thorns. Lots and lots of thorns.

So I decided the toy was on the other side of the very high hedge. I inspected the door. It was possible to climb over it, if I only got rid of the thorns. After I’d pricked my fingers/arms a couple of times I figured out a way to get the thorns out of the way without breaking off the branches, I made my first attempt to climb the fence. At one point I lost balance and fell into the thorns. My T-shirt slipped up and basically the thorns dug into my sides. I yelled. It hurt. And I swore. The dog was whining for her toy. I was about to leave when I realized my ring was gone. I wear a ring around my neck on a chain that I got from my mother. She travels a lot so I wear it as a type of lucky charm so nothing happens to her on the way. I’m not usually superstitious, but it’s just something that I’ve been doing since she gave me the ring. So I thought: “What do I have to lose?” I tucked my T-shirt into my trousers, laid my keys and phone down so I would not drop them and aggressively tread down the thorns and climbed over the fence, found the toy, found the ring. Unfortunately I had jumped right onto it, so now it’s a little deformed. I will have to see what I do with it and how I wear it next. I’m just glad I found it.

So that’s been my past few weeks.

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