Growing old and responsible – and boring

Hello once again, fellow bloggers and bloggees,

it’s been a while since my last post, which was, I admit, rather mediocre. In the last few weeks I’d been planning to write about a couple of things, but truth be told I simply didn’t get around to doing so.

A week ago I went to Florence for my final class trip. I have a lot to tell you there too, but that’s for another time. Tomorrow I’m writing a four-hour exam in German on Johann Goethe’s “Faust” and I believe I will fail. But never mind.

The problem is at the moment that I have ideas for blog posts, but I never have the time to think a little more about these ideas or writing the post. A few months from now – five, is it? – I will have graduated. But before that I have so much to do and it scares me.

Soon I have to start studying for my final exams and then my future ambitions, such as university, will depend on the how well – or not so well – I do. I have to take an exam in maths, so that’s a minus, also they will take chemistry into account because I need one science, so that will bring my mark down again.

I may or may not complete black out in my ethics exam, French or German…English I think I will do fine. So it might go well. Or, you know, it might not. But for certain my professional future depends on it. Do you see my itch?

Oh, and I’m dropping Politics. I thought to myself: “It’s important, maybe it will get better.”

Well, I was wrong. It may be important, but that won’t keep my eyes open at all.

And now I am off to bed, because I have to be able to concentrate tomorrow.

Lastly I’m working on a new idea for a type of futuristic sci-fi story, but only in my head, because I have to time for writing at the moment. I’m either too tired or at school or doing homework or studying or working – not writing. I’m looking forward to the months after my graduation which I hope to commit to travelling around some far-away country and writing and thinking about life and death and stuff.

Also, there were big elections in Germany last sunday. I couldn’t vote. I’m not German. But the success of the christian party (voted for by the rich, the old and the ignorant) shows that there are way too many old people in Germany. I think it is the country with the least children per person in the world or something. It’s now showing itself in politics – in a bad way. By the way I say “christian party” because that’s what they call themselves. They don’t really have anything to do with religion.

Anyway, good night.


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