What’s the point?

Final exams are coming up in a couple of months as I mentioned in my last post. Yesterday I took a four-hour exam in German – as also mentioned – and I thought I was well prepared.

Maybe my dear, dear teacher wanted to teach us that however prepared you believe to be, life will always take you by surprise.
Instead of testing us on “Faust” and the characters, stories, symbols and so on he asked us to talk about modern television and the quality of it. I most probably failed.

Yes, it was unexpected, but, yes, I got through it with over one thousand words and maybe some of what I wrote is worth something. I was still annoyed.

He also said next lesson we’ll talk about why we’re even going through this “higher education” and something like that. Well, I can tell him why: I don’t know what I want to do in life and most jobs require a university degree because that’s the way society is headed. Without a university degree I’m afraid – like everyone else is – that I won’t get a job and lose my independence which I’m only just about to earn within the next few years.

So getting back to my teacher’s fantastic lesson: No matter how much education I get into my steamy little head I will still end up failing all my life! Great! Thank you! So yes, why am I still in school? GOOD QUESTION!

Why am considering going to university, why am I educating myself? Because I can while others can’t? So that in the end when I’m hungry and alone I’ll remember the lessons I learned in school, so I can complain about today’s education transmitted through television or shake my head over the world in 1943? Sounds great, it really does! I’ll get the highest education there is, apply for one hundred jobs, work a while, be unemployed for a while longer and then struggle when I’m older because there won’t be enough money left for my pension.

I wish I could say that education had real worth in our society. But the only worth it has is in getting a higher pay because of higher qualifications. That’s the only worth education has.

So, why am I doing this? …


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