The Book for plan B

My mother has always been very supportive of my permanent and not so permanent career choices. Oh, all the things I’ve thought of doing! The list is never-ending.

To help me make my mind up, she’s given me several books to read on finding my passion and therefore my ideal career. Thing is, I know what my passion is:

Recently I finished a short story (not sure what category to put it in) and so far I’ve come across rather positive feedback. And I think that my critics are being honest as some of them are not my friends. From time to time I achieve something really good and other times what I write is as random as anything else. But even though I don’t excel all the time, that does not mean it isn’t my passion.

Did I tell you how I began to write? In fifth grade my teacher told me I was not doing enough for school. Feeling insulted, I sat down and started Lord of the rings 4. I got to one page and felt like Shakespeare.

Then the PC crashed and I lost all my work, it was rather awful.

But that’s basically when I started to write regularly. It was very terrible writing, but it was a start.

So now, 6 years on, I’ve finished a short story and I’ve been given positive feedback.

Isn’t that something like a career? Of course, I’ve not earned any money with it, but I don’t intend to get filthy rich through writing. That’s why I need a plan B.

So, thanks mum, for “The Element” or “I could do anything if I only knew what I wanted” (loosely translated into english), but what I really need is: “What do you do other than follow your passion as you don’t want to be financially dependant from the state, some guy or your parents?”

I will always write and I will always attempt to be successful with it, but what I’ve learned so far is that money does not grow on trees and life costs money. And even if money did grow on trees, surely someone had bought the land rights and harvested it all already.

So…who will publish that Plan B book?

I’ve thought about moving to Berlin, taking on two jobs (one job and one paid internship that is), and then living the life of a hungry artist. Why not? Or is it better to take on three to four years of study, just so I have something to show? …



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