Attack of the Hashtag – They’re everywhere!

Am I overreacting? After all, this # little fellow here is hardly noticeable, is not offensive or naturally annoying. Yet I think he’s getting a little too arrogant with his new-found-fame through his big brother “Twitter”.

A while back, when Twitter started up and everyone went mad about it straight away, I did not think much of it. I assumed it will be yet another social network page that will be that. I didn’t think it would start invading my life!

What is Twitter? It’s light blue and allows people to micro blog their day within 140 characters. It’s a way to quickly and superficially tell some random stranger about your day. I suppose that’s all well and good. Personally I have blog in my blood and would never change to Twitter (I realise that there are bloggers who tweet, so no judging. I just don’t see the point in it). My  friend and I were having a discussion about this particular topic yesterday. He explained to me that Twitter is used for telling people about events on other social media events like a new video on YouTube or something like that. That seems valid.

The other day though I was sitting at a table with a friend and a girl I talk to occasionally when I mentioned blogging and then she said: “Oh, so you like blogging? Twitter is the same thing.

Note that beforehand I’d said I don’t like Twitter.

Anyway, Twitter and any other blog-page are NOT the same thing! As I said before: 140 characters vs. LOADS!, therefore you have superfical tweets vs. in-depth information sources. A blog post allows you to explore the feelings of a person or a topic which would not normally interest you.

She also said that with Twitter you can get all your information much quicker. I mean, I don’t tweet, but do Twitterers (Twoots? Birds?) really tweet about politics, as in; informing people or is it just telling the world that you like cake. Isn’t that what Facebook is for?

Oh, and what on earth are vines? I don’t mean the place we get our wine from; I mean those videos that show on my Facebook page with people holding their butt into the camera and someone commenting: HAHA, dis is so hilarious!

I think on a vine you have a 15 second limit. Vines are videos, right? Isnt’ that what YouTube is for?

Why does it need an extra name? Videos on YouTube stayed Videos on YouTube and not – I don’t know – Yidetoes! Bad enough there are words like frapping (Facebook Slapping) and shipping (apparently you can ship a couple on the internet, don’t think it has anything to do with boats).

Even though I am an E-Mail lover, because I am lazy,  but sometimes I wish for a simpler time. When all spies could do was open your letters. Of course, the internet gives people different aspects on a topic. Just don’t overdo it. It’s exhausting.



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