What to do with Mr. Flu

Ah, the flu.

It gathers its soldiers and sneaks up from behind and BOOM – You’re on the ground and you can’t get up for a week. Does it sound like I’m speaking from personal experience? Well guessed.

Poor me looks like Rudolf, sounds like a heavy smoker and walks like a zombie (the old-fashioned slow ones, not the modern ones who can transmit a virus). It all started on monday, though it didn’t seem all that bad then. Now I’m just writing this blog post before I go back to bed for a bit.


So, the other day, despite having the flu, it was my turn to cook tea (dinner). All other three members of the family were working late, so I took it upon myself to venture to the shop and buy things!

So, as I am bored and you may be in the same situation, decaying in your bed, here are some tips for going out when your sick:

  • Have a shower. You might not smell it, but you can be pretty certain you stink.
  • Change your clothes, especially your socks (same reason as above).
  • Use moisturizer on every part of your body you have a cream for, especially your face. It won’t make the redness of your nose vanish entirely, but it will give you a glow people might interpret as “healthy”.
  • Wear layers. The weather man has told you it’s cold outside. He forgot to mention what it’s like for sick people.
  • Wear a hat. If you’re ever going to have a bad hair day – this is it. (And dry your hair before you go out).
  • Take fresh tissues.
  • Touch only what you need to touch – Remember: Somebody gave you this flu!
  • Make a shopping list. You haven’t really been using your brain in the last few days. Don’t expect it to remember your required ingredients.
  • Take a painkiller. It might save your day. There’s nothing more awkward than sobbing in the cold because you’re so tired and your shopping bag is too heavy with everybody staring, yet ignoring you.
  • “Put money in thy purse” – Seriously, take enough money with you. You haven’t been to the outside world in a few days now. Who knows what you might remember to buy once you’re there.
  • Don’t leave it too late. Firstly, it won’t be as cold, secondly you’ll avoid the evening rush – Don’t underestimate how exhausting it is waiting in line to pay.
  • Avoid dairy products. They will only create more snot. Sorry.
  • Buy soft, cozy tissues. Toilet paper was made for your butt, not your nose.
  • When you’re back, have a cup of tea, go to bed or take a bath. You deserve it! Well done!

So there, that’s all – or most – things you need to be attentive of when you’re going out with the flu.

Get well soon! 🙂

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