Watching television with my parents…

…is like explaining the world to a two-year-old. Surely this isn’t unusual. There aren’t many television shows that apply to both generations; and so the silent protests begin. My parents have a couple of quite distinctive ways of dealing with the television. To illustrate this, I’ve picked some scenarios. My parents and the television program … More Watching television with my parents…

Open letter to the NSA

Bomb, al-Qaeda, Boom-Boom, President, Holy War, I know where Snowdon is – Do I have your attention? Good. Dear NSA, so, you’re spying on all of us. And on Mrs. Merkel. Was it interesting listening to her make a hairdresser’s appointment? However, today in class we were talking about the infamous “NSA-affair”, our teacher clearly … More Open letter to the NSA

I, the illusionist

What are illusions for? We are all illusionist and great ones at that! We create the most marvelous illusions, for no worthier audience than ourselves. We love and loathe them. But what are they there for? Illusions are there to be broken, some say. But isn’t an illusion something like a dream, something you never … More I, the illusionist


Never left me any air to breathe, I exhaled anyway. Never left me any eyes to see, My sight caught the light of day. No, we never quite saw eye to eye, You thought you were above of me Thing is, I was only shy, Relying on your vanity. So look at me now, you … More Pride