Dear Friend

our world together is a small one. All we get to see is an essence of where we come from. Your world and my world separately are so large, nobody could grasp it all. We cannot.

Friendship has no expiration date. Not real friendship anyway.
It does not depend on time, place or frequency.

For you, my friend, I will always have an open ear and an open heart, even if I can’t always understand your choices. But it’s not my place to tell you what to do. I’m your friend, not your mother.

And when we fall, we can’t catch each other. We can’t pull each other up again.

But we can soothe the wounds received from falling, we can bring the food and water to strengthen our spirit.

You can get as self-involved as you like, figure out your future, your wishes. You can laugh at my words and choices and criticize my opinion.

But please don’t turn away from me when I’m in need. Or when you are.

I would never do that to you. If you are really my friend, you will not be forgotten, no matter how busy we both are.

So, friend, this is the part of my brain you reside in. You’re not renting. You’re there to stay.






2 thoughts on “Dear Friend

  1. I remember when I was your age a specific friend, who counted among my best friends, who whenever she had a new fella, had no time for me. Her relationships never lasted long though, so she would always return. It seems to be the way, especially in a new relationship, one wants to be with the new person the whole time. This rush of hormones will pass with time, but it can be a long time, and seem unfair to the real friends, waiting in the sidelines until it is all over.

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