Christmas is coming! Ring the money-bells!

Christmas is great. The christmas markets, the snow (which is non-existent), the annoying yet somehow endearing christmas songs by Mariah and Co., the Coca Cola adverts, the trees, gifts, FOOD and of course, the fact that the whole family spends a few days together – some enjoy it, some do. I do. There’s a chance christmas might turn out to be the day we all show up for tea on the same day.

Oh, and then there is of course the celebration of Jesus’ birthday – though I hear he was actually born in september and christmas was originally a pagan celebration that was taken over by christianity so the two religions would get along better…but, you know, whatever.

Anyway the real reason we all love christmas is: What? Right: PREZZIES!

GO! GO! Consumerism!

Now, I have no problem at all with giving gifts. I personally find it quite stressful to find something, but it’s nice if you find a present that will really make a person happy.

Then again,  there is a load of **** on the market that, for some reason, people want for christmas.

For example – and I know this might offend some people and Apple might sue (funny, that’s the name of my mother too) me – just in time for christmas (ish), there’s a new Iphone (when isn’t there a new Iphone?) in stores. What’s it called? Iphone 5c. My guess is the c stands for cheap materials. It’s made of plastic! And the colourful facade: Windows and Nokia already had that idea a while back. And then there’s the fancy counterpart; Iphone 5s – which I suppose stands for smart or superior or…so la la.

I’m not telling what to do, but DON’T GET AN IPHONE.
It will last you about half a year, you’ll have spent hundreds of *insert currency here* on it and you’ll spend a couple of hundred more because there’s a new version. It’s a phone. You need it to make phone calls, text messages and yes, it’s handy to be able to access the internet when lost in the middle of absolutely nowhere. But you don’t need it to think for you! Besides, I don’t want know where the minerals came from for that phone. What I’m saying is; it’s not like air, food or water or human interaction. It’s a phone. You don’t need it to survive!

Ok, now that that’s out of the way I can move on.

Surely there was a simpler time once. I was born after that time, but I can imagine there was that time when there was hardly any affordable technology, no megahypes and people sang songs around the christmas tree.

When I was young I got excited about swiss roll (still do), prezzies (preferably barbies, though I never wanted to be like her. I always found her smile was quite fake) and flying to England, which we’ve stopped doing, decorating the christmas tree.

I remember all the things I wanted for christmas. A Nintendo DS, which was a good investment from my point of view because I played A LOT. My family told me I was addicted. But these days it’s my mother with her phone at the table and other places…

Barbies, Barbie houses, Playmobil stuff, Polly Pocket, Pixelchicks,  a digital camera, MyScene Dolls (those with the big heads, which aren’t Bratz), soft toys, cinema vouchers (GOOD investment!) and once even an XBox and a few years later we got a Wii, that was during our economically successful years (well those of my parents).

Thing is, most of those things lasted me for less than a year before I grew bored of them.

Ok, the MyScene Dolls stayed with me for a while, until they started dressing like prostitutes for governors and football players and wore far too much make-up. I remember one doll dressed by the motto of “going out in winter.” She had glitter all over face, wore a tight skirt (winter??), a top and a light glittery jacket on top. That was the point I definitely lost faith in them.

Anyway, I remember I would unpack my first gift, be really excited and thankful. Then move on the next one, see what’s next. It was more, more, more. The pixelchicks machine things died soon enough and well…they weren’t that exciting. No joy over a gift ever lasted for very long.

Now I’ve grown a little older and I’ve lost my interest in cluttery things like barbie dolls and Nintendo DS games and it becomes harder wishing for things, the wish list shorter.

I said I needed a new calculator. Exciting I know! I’ve put some books on the list aswell and if it were already on the market – Sherlock Season 3! He’s alive! Oh my god! But we all had to wait because of the hobbit and star trek and uuurgh…anyway, it’s handy having family in the UK.

Thing is, I think there are still people who act like the child I used to be, as in wishing for something because it  will give you a rush for a second while it is still new. It’s easy to think you want something until you have it, you realize you don’t need it. And if you don’t need it and if it’s not personal – and no, technology isn’t personal – then there’s no point in getting a gift, in my opinion.

By the way, here is a video with an iLife parody. It’s in German, but you’ll recognize some words and might get the idea of what it’s about.

And if not, consider it to be a brief German lesson without translation 😛

Don’t be fooled by the name Y-Titty (it’s not about the thing you think it’s about, you dirty little thing!)

So, to sum up this slightly … let’s say complex post: Don’t by an Iphone, surely you already have a phone and remember the meaning of christmas: Which, in my opinion, isn’t the birth of christ or Santa coming down the chimney, but a little more togetherness.

Merry Christmas 🙂


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