Our personal ghosts await

Try forgetting a ghost. If there’s nothing to hold on to, how can there be anything to let go of?
Nobody to remind you of them, when you were the only one who ever knew them, so there is no one to blame for reminding you; a name; a place. You have to accept that the ghost will not leave your mind, your thoughts. This ghost will haunt you until you yourself turn into a ghost.

You are obsessive. But who can tell you that you are, if nobody notices you’re reminiscing? Who could see the shiver that runs down your spine, the hot flush in your chest when it hits you; the memory, a name; a place? You are the only one who knows. Who will ever know.

You say; you can move on. So move on. Live on. But don’t tell me it still gets you, unprepared; a name; a place. Don’t lie. You shall not lie; remember?

The ghost will remind you. You can lie to the world in silence. The ghost will only haunt you, no one else. And no one will know.

You say there is a way to forget. To find a new light, a new life. You tell me that you don’t hold your breath every time you are reminded; the name; the place. You tell me that your ghost comes to haunt you every once in a while. You tell me that you don’t enjoy it.

Don’t lie.

Liar, liar. Good luck forgetting your ghost.


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