Boats, banks and borderline – Again

Boats, banks and borderline

You can read up on the topic from an older post of mine.

A while back I signed a petition to urge the EU and other European countries to create new laws for asylum-seekers.

The petition argues that most European countries drew their wealth from colonies, taking their land, their people, their resources and creating borders where there should be none. This has lead to on-going problems that endanger the lives of many and the only way to save themselves from an awful fate is to flee their home and seek help from other countries.

The problem being that “other countries” can’t be bothered to help them and, instead, let them die.

The petition demands better, humane laws for asylum seekers and refugees, to end the Dublin-II-act, as it has lead to more deportations and arrests of Asylum-Seekers (Survey 2006), to make clear that no one is illegal and to end the deaths.

If you agree with me and this petition, it would be a great help if you would sign it. Let’s hope that democracy actually works.


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