An interesting conversation

In my post “The terrorists have won” -> I mentioned that this whole fight against terrorism, especially against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism has caused for xenophobia to grow in Western countries. For example, the hijab has become topic of many political discussions. It has been banned from public places and/or government buildings in France and … More An interesting conversation

Childhood memories – when escaping reality was still easy

In my recent posts it’s been a lot about the past. Mostly they are about less pleasant memories. But for a change, here are some nice childhood memories. The other night I couldn’t sleep, so I roamed by old boxes for my old phone. My friend D. and I (we were best friends at the … More Childhood memories – when escaping reality was still easy

An irrational moment

Irrational thinking can get you into a lot of trouble. Except this time I got lucky. I’ve tried talking to other people about it. But it didn’t really help. And I’m not saying it was really bad. There are far, far worse things a person can go through. It’s just what I went through. And … More An irrational moment