Animation films that are worth watching

After last nights break-down, now for something slightly more – ok – a lot more positive. Also, I am the queen of procrastination.

It’s blogposts that those that make you realize your friends actually do care. Thanks for the peptalks – my two friends who actually read my blog.

So, as you may have gathered I am a movie maniac.

I want to be in them, I want to be on them and I want to be…in front of them – you know.

Over the last few years animation films have been – meh – in my opinion. Well I guess they were ok, with exception of despicable me, which was hilarious.

So I don’t ramble on about all sorts of films I am just going to list a few and tell you way they are so cool.

Here they are (in no particular order, because it depends on my mood):

Oh, and no I’m not going to mention any artsy films that nobody knows – because I don’t know them either. So yes, I like the big ones – deal with it.


This film is sort of personal to me because I wish they were real and if they were, I would either beg them to make me one or I would keep them close as my friends. I still have little fairy figurines on my shelf and I find it very hard to part with them. When I was little I would read all these fairy stories and there was one about a girl whose grandmother was very old and would die soon and the girl accidentally stepped into a circle (a fairy circle?) and became very small herself. They needed a human bridesmaid at the royal fairy wedding. Anyway, they promised the grandmother to take care of the girl when she had passed. I loved that story.

Anyway, so when Epic came out – no, when the trailer for Epic came out – I freaked. FINALLY! A film about leaf men and little people living in the woods (after Ferngully and Tinkerbell of course). And it proved to be just what the name said it’d be: Epic!

It’s about a young girl who has to move in with her father, a scientist everybody believes is crazy because he believes in the existence of small people who live in the forest. And he has a hyperactive dog with a sort-of limp. Anyway, she has grown estranged from her father and wonders off, where she accidentally finds the dying fairy queen. She then makes her small and gives her “the light” to save the forest and the whole adventure begins.

You can watch it if you want the full story.

It’s amazing for several reasons. On the one hand it has great pictures and scenes, detailed costumes and just has that adventurous feel.

Also, there is a fairy QUEEN – and a female protagonist who does not have to be saved, but she actually saves the forest. And she doesn’t find true love and that palaber. She finds a guy she likes – and for an animated character he is rather good-looking – but the main aspect is that she reunites with her father and they can finally relate to each other. Also, Nod (cute leaf man) finds where he wants to be, finds himself, you could say.

The love story is not the main thing. Actually it sort of reminds me of a teenaged Facebook relationship.


First of all, I love the title. But the hair is just far too unrealistic. Not, that it’s so long. But that it’s so long and still so shiny. It makes no sense. What product does she use? I want it.

So this film is simply hilarious. At times, one scene especially which includes a boat and lights and singing, it’s too cheesy for my taste. That scene is so cheesy in fact, you can hardly watch it.

But otherwise, it’s so great. Rapunzel is not rescued by a prince but by a wanted criminal (he’s quite nice really, obviously) who really only wants the crown that he had stolen and she stole off him and them forced him to take her to see the lights at the palace. Long story short, they fall in love and he doesn’t even care about the crown anymore (especially as they get married and he becomes king anyway, but you know, surely THAT doesn’t matter to him). Anyway she is really funny, as she’s spent her life in a tower feeling endlessly bored she has never encountered any real danger. So she goes around making bar thugs sing the best song in the film “I have a dream”. It’s inspiring 🙂

Also, she has a chameleon that goes weird places and there is a horse hunting the criminal and Rapunzel fights with a sauce pan.

Watch it, it’s great.


If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should. At the moment it’s my favorite because the characters seem  relatable somehow for somebody sho’s not quite sure who to be right now. The song “Let it go” is the most beautiful I’ve heard in a long time, sung by the wonderful Idina Menzel. It’s a film about family, finding yourself and finding your courage. And I like that fact that – careful: Spoiler alert – it’s not the prince that gets the girl in the end and (after 50 years of the same scheme they needed to come up with something else anyway) that they actually introduce a real d*ckhead (hehe) who takes advantage of a naive young girl.

Just watch it. It’s fantastic.


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