The platform

People shift like magnets at a distance. Unplug their ears, their eyes they won’t they can’t and they stay isolated seeking communication from anywhere but here elsewhere on a screen in a world not this, not different Waiting Endlessly, digitally

Hello Kitty

Because I love my cat, because she looke so cute and she happened to look at the camera (which she never does) I thought I might share this image with you. Her name is actually Kitty, because that’s the best thing we could think of. But we later discovered it’s the perfect name as she … More Hello Kitty

Calm down

Calm down. Two simple words, yet so infuriating. That’s all we ever do. We calm down. We keep silent, sealed under a block of ice. But global warming has had its effect on us. We are polite and we are isolated. And then sometimes we fight. A storm breaks out under our roof, loud and … More Calm down