Out on the town, out of

Wind blows. A hurricane.

In comes the monster,

rattle, rattle, people scatter

their germs and smell.

I sit on someone’s skin.

A gentlemen lets the lady pass

Smell of beer, of energy drink,

artificial energy, tired eyes.

I am returning. I am waiting.

Why are you sitting here alone?

Do you mind if I join you?

I do, go.

Okay. Vodka.

Rattle, going home. Dirt

under my finger nails.

What a night.

What laughs, what fun, what quality.

People are lost, tension drops.

Now my hands are dirty

my hair has given up and my eyes are dark.

Smoky eyes, unintentionally.

Sweat, smudged makeup, beauty

large feet, stuck rings on fingers, faulty commitment.

Glamour went home long before me.


So wi vo Plüsch das Lied “Heimweh”

additionally, some racism, fast trains.



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