The end of an era

Just a thought before I go to bed. If I said that this is something everybody experiences, I’d be lying. Not everybody graduates. Not everybody even has the chance to go to school. So before I make the mistake of generalizing graduation for everyone, let’s say – everybody has experienced or will experience at one … More The end of an era


The room was dark, but there was a faint light shining in through the open windows. It was an old-fashioned room, with a brown carpeted floor and dark green wall-paper. It was pretty hideous. But it’s what the hotel liked to call “their vintage flair”. Sara sat down on a light green sofa, feeling the … More Yes.

A proper couple

It was a sunny, warm day, summertime, sort of. She rode to him on her bike. She had to pick up the exchange student that was staying with her. And she also went to see the one she’d been kissing for the last week. As she waited, she was nervous. She was always nervous. Everybody … More A proper couple