The adventures of Greta and Pina

Note: The following tale is based on a documented real event that occurred in an area referred to as The Offenbach Circle on April 22nd, 2004. For the purpose of protecting the identity of the witnesses of this unique occurrence we have created pseudonyms. These tools of anonymity are meant to protect them from federal attention.
This tale was created through a detailed documentation by witnesses Greta and Pina and upon the basis of a scientific investigation within the Offenbach Circle, in which a large amount of electro-magnetic energy was detected. In regard to those among you who have been compromised in your mental or physical strength, some parts of the story have been under exaggerated. This tale is intended for individuals who heed a scientific curiosity for this particular case. We do not mean to torment anyone.

The vanishing streets of the Offenbach Circle

When Greta and Pina left the theatre it was twenty minutes past eleven. They had attended a post-modern interpretation of German Author Friedrich Schiller’s Maria Stuart in which the director had addressed the issue of sexually transmitted diseases in Africa.
It was dark outside, the weather was cool, cloudy sky, the only sources of light were the street lights. To begin with, there were barely any people on the streets.
As they walked away from the theatre, they decided almost unanimously to turn left as they were certain – they say 95 % certain – that this was where they had come from.
They had parked their car, a black Hyundai, in front of a carrier of a blue boat just a few streets away. Parking had caused them a lot of trouble due to the amazing amount of parked cars.

Strangely, they thought, now there were hardly any cars on the streets. Furthermore they discovered a construction site which they could not recall being there on their way to the theatre earlier that evening. By the time they had almost reached the street they had thought to have parked the car, there was no one else on the streets. They had entered the Offenbach Circle by that time.
They spoke of the play for a moment as they turned on to the desired street. But it seemed different. They walked up and down the street, but there was no car – and no boat.
Confused, Pina suggested going back and trying again. So they did, but they did not get far until they realised they were back on the street where the theatre was situated, but at the other end of it.

Surprised at the shortcut they had apparently found, they walked back to the theatre, where they found the same street they had taken before.

“I’m sure this is it, you know.” Said Greta. “I remember seeing the sign for the train station.”

Pina agreed. This time they chose to turn off sooner. They had begun to worry.

“We will find the car.” Pina repeated feverishly as they turned off onto a street named after a famous German philosopher.

At the end of that street, there was the same street they had got lost to before. They kept walking, determined to find the car which had to be somewhere in that area. Now, as they kept walking, Pina looked up. “Did you notice that church before?” It had a high tower which carried a neon-lit cross.

“No, I didn’t.”
But how could they have missed a church? In this array of low built houses the church seemed like a unmissable landmark. They took a left and arrived in a circled street. Here, there cars of each side, all lit.

There, in the midst of traffic signs and lamp posts, was a poster. It had a political message on it – it was demanding freedom from the European Union.
That is when it hit Pina. She remembered that she had seen another political poster nearby as they had gone to look for the theatre. It had been a poster by a communist party. She remembered it because she had not known that there was a communist party in Germany.

Though knowing that, she also realised that this was the wrong street again. They turned back, soon they arrived on the theatre’s street once again.
“Okay, we will find the car.” Pina would always say. It was getting cold, cold ears, cold arms.
“Where is the boat? How hard can it be to find a boat among all of these parked cars?” Greta was growing desperate. Like most car-owners she valued her car very much. Also, she needed to get home and this area was hard to get to from home by public transport, especially at that hour.
By now it was quarter to midnight.

“Pina, we’re not going to find my car.”

“Yes, we will find it!”

None of them really believed it, but they both knew that they had to find it, so they kept looking.

“I remember something red.” Greta said as they walked towards the theatre again. “Those barriers for cars, striped red and white.”
Unfortunately, they had seen a few on their way around. But then Pina remembered something.

“We passed a supermarket.” She said suddenly. “On my left.”
Greta agreed. “Yes, you said that didn’t you. You said we were on the right way to the theatre because the supermarket was on the way.”
Pina nodded.

“Okay.” Said Greta. “First we find the supermarket, then we find the boat, then we find my car.”
They ventured on.

They took the same street as always as they were now either completely confused or absolutely sure that this was the street they had come up. Instead of turning off anywhere, they kept walking straight, then, to their right, there was the supermarket. So they strode on.
Soon they came across a construction site. It was a site of red and white barriers.

“Let’s have an adventure.” Pina whispered fervently. “That’s what you said, you said that when we came through here.”

“Yes, I did!”

Excited they walked past the construction site, they turned left. It was all coming back to them now – and there was the poster by the communist party, there was the boat and, finally, there was the car.
With shrieks of excitement and relief they ran to the car and hurried into its warmth. As they closed the doors, the clock struck midnight.
They drove away, home, they thought.
But they had not even noticed that the church had vanished, as well as the poster – and the boat.
So when they arrived at home, they realised that their keys did not fit.
Pina rang the door bell as the spare key was not in its usual place. An old man opened the door. He would not let them in, refused to listen to them, called the police.
At the police station, that’s where they met me. In utter distress they told me their names, their age, their address. As I searched for any trace of them in our database, the result was unlike anything I had expected.

In it, there were two missing people’s reports, one of Greta, one of Pina. They had gone missing on the night of April 22nd, 2004.
Now, ten years later, April 23rd, 2014, they had finally reappeared.
We questioned them, but it became clear that they ten years had seemed like mere forty minutes to them. A psychiatrist examined them individually and as a pair to investigate the unlikely case that they both suffered from the same hallucination. Except for a few control issues, as well acrophobia and arachnophobia, they seemed to be in possession of their full mental stability. We could not find any evidence of physical abuse.

The most curious detail though was that they had not aged since they had disappeard ten years before.

Until this day, the disappearance of Greta and Pina remains a mystery.

They are both seeing a psychiatrist to evaluate any progress in finding out what happened to them, but still their psychological evaluation leads to the conclusion that they are both mentally healthy. All indications and the scientific investigations in the Offenbach Circle leave us with the assumption that Greta and Pina are telling the truth – and that time and space do not matter in the Offenbach Circle.



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