Fotobooth days

Lately I have been too depressed with the world to post anything meaningful or critical. I simply get too angry at what seems to be happening all over the globe. Stupidity. So, here’s a story from my childhood that basically has nothing bad about it. It’s what I need at the moment and maybe you do too.

Let me tell you the story of my best friend and I – well, that’s what we used to be, but all good things come to an end eventually – whose name is, for the purpose of this story, Caitlin, as it is the first name that comes to mind.
Caitlin and I were fast friends, as you call it. She went to the same class and my neighbours who were also my very close childhood friends. Caitlin would play at my neighbour’s house and one afternoon I asked if I could join them. Those were the days I still had the time to just spend hours playing with dolls and building playmobil houses or performing mini playback shows to Kelly Clarkson and the Sugababes. Though this was not all play for us. We took this very seriously. Sometimes we took it so seriously we would fall out because of a fictional problem we had got all worked up about when playing.

So, Caitlin  and my two childhood friends, let’s call them Allison and Vanessa, were playing with MyScene dolls. Do you remember those; the pretty, casually dressed dolls with no feet also sexist body proportions? Also, apparently the people responsible for the design decided to make them really slutty. I didn’t like them anymore after that. But I digress.

They were playing with MyScene dolls. My favourite one was Chelsea. I asked if I could join in and of course Vanessa and Allison agreed immediately. But here’s the thing; apparently Caitlin didn’t like the thought of me joining their circle of virtual reality (we would come up with some crazy stories – sometimes I wish to be a child again so that I can come up with these illogical, yet awesome stories) at all. She told me later she had thought something along the lines of: “Oh, no, not her! Why is she here? And why does she have to play with us?”

Sensitive little me had a feeling she didn’t really like me, but I picked up my doll – it was probably Chelsea or Nolee (I really liked her too. She was sooo pretty and had such great hair – and Chelsea was a ginger, which was all I ever wanted to be) – and joined in.
It did not take long – and it may have helped I always brought my own box of dolls and accessories – and we were enacting this amazingly funny story. I have no idea what it was about, but I remember we thought it was hilarious.
After that we would meet more often, play with MyScene dolls, pretend to be Miley Cyrus or Kelly Clarkson and record radio interviews with famous people (played by ourselves of course). When we discovered you could record phone calls on our mobile phones (I must have been at least thirteen by then as I didn’t get a mobile phone until I went to seventh grade which was in the city – city as in a town bigger than my miniature village), we had a blast! We would call each other (never mind the phone bills, her parents would be paying those anyway) and make weird threats like:

“HI! I am…a man.”
“Oh, and I am a woman. We are perfect for each other!”
“So, meet me at the school at midnight.”
“What if I refuse?”
“Umm…I’ll kill you.”
“No, thank you.”
…. is that weird?

Or another one (reversed roles):

“Hello? Yes, what do you want?”
“Yes, okay, but what do you want?”
“I would like to threaten you.”
“OH NO!”

Then someone walked in and we had to end the theatricalities.
And we would not be sitting in the same room while recording this. We would try to make it as real as possible, meaning the “robber” would go out on the balcony and lurk behind the curtains.
Again, is that weird?

Further stories and memories I have already posted here:

Another possibly strange thing was that we would fill her pool with water and then put the cover on it loosely, then dive. We loved it. It was so dark, with light shining through the holes on the sides. The only air we had, we had to get by going up and lifting the covers. In hindsight it may have been a little risky as we could have got caught and suffocated, but we didn’t think of that at the time and it was highly unlikely anyway. But it was great, like a cave, like being a mermaid from H20 – just add water.
We even got up early so we could watch that TV series, by the way. We were big fans – and jealous at the same time. She would always be Ricky and I would be Cleo. Nobody ever wanted to be Emma. Though secretly I always wanted to be Ricky.
I always admired their lifestyle – it’s television, I know – especially because it seemed they had so much time to get up in the morning and so much free time during the day.
Anyhow. Oooh and we hated Charlotte.

Ah, we had a laugh. Have you ever played a game where you threw a raw egg back and forth like a ball?
We have. It was the last evening of the summer holidays before I left for seventh grade – big step that was – as she was still one or two years below me.
We were on the road in front of her house, the sun was very low, and it was already nine in the evening. We had not been able to find a ball, so we used an egg –or several.
It was nice, calm. We talked. After that we were still best friends, but of course things changed with her later going to seventh grade and when I moved to Germany – well, we’ve lost contact now. But it’s fine. I visited her a few times in the beginning when I was back in Switzerland, but it was not the same. She had moved on and I was about to as well.
I guess not everything has to last so that it can be seen as a good thing.





Now for the part that contains one of the depressing things. But I think that these girls deserve to have a childhood like I have described, happy, crazy, free. is an organisation that fights human trafficking. Those over 200 girls kidnapped in Nigeria are being sold into child marriage, which is something nobody should have to go through. The petition only needs a few more signiatures.





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