I had a dream last night…

It has been a few weeks since my last post. Update: I am done with school! Kabaaam!

So, to ease into my blogging-flow again, here’s a very simple one: the dream I had last night.

My parents and I were invited to see a play and my friend M. was in it too. She was a ballet dancer.

It all began with a concert – I am not sure who was singing, but it was great. I was right at the back, but jumped so high, that they could see me from the stage. The perspective turned to face the audience with a sort of fisheye-effect. Throughout the dream/play, we seemed to be playing musical chairs as we never sat in the same seat for very long. At the same time, I had to make sure that Jake, my uncle’s dog, didn’t run off through a very long, wonderfully lit hallway. And I was protecting some object, but unfortunately I can’t remember what it was. However, the theatre people wanted it, but I knew I couldn’t give it away. Then, I sat rather close to the front and a few seats on: There was Ewan McGregor. He was wearing a long trench coat and was narrating the play from his seat. Because we were too close to the stage, I had to move up a few seats, thereby sitting directly next to Ewan McGregor.

Unfortunately, he said to me that he moves with the crowd (or something similar, I cannot remember the exact words, but I remember repeating them in my head a few times) and left to go backstage because he had to prepare for the next part of the play.

Then I was back in front of the glass door of the long hallway, keeping the dog out, but I got distracted by the people who tried to get “the object” and he ran off through the hallway. I followed him because on the other side there was something very dangerous. But as I ran after Jake, suddenly there was the evil queen (she looked like a real-life version of Maleficent from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”), followed by a few guards.


That was a very bad sign. For some reason I can’t remember, she wanted me to…preserve a crystal ball that used to belong to the king, but instead, I broke it.

Now on the outside, I went on to the second part of the performance, which was to be held in a shopping centre. We all gathered and watched. It was M.’s turn, but before she came on stage, I was in the theatre, backstage, as I saw the dancers in their swan position ready to go on stage and Ewan McGregor standing at the bottom of the stairs in his brown trench coat.

I was outside again and the performance began. But something went wrong. I cannot recall what exactly, but suddenly one of the dancers got upset because I still had “the object”.

Later on, they were having an “After-show party” and so I could find out where it was, I called M. on her mobile, but Ewan McGregor answered it and wanted to know who I was instead of passing me on to M.

After that it’s all rather fuzzy. At one point I was telling M. that I met Ewan McGregor… and there was another dog there, a black dog.

So, that’s that for today.
I will be going to Paris (FINALLY!) tomorrow for three days, then I will be having my graduation … evening (the ball is later, this thing is where we get our final reports) and I have to go shopping for shoes^^

Anyone dare to analyze my dream? 😛


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