The “OMG I should blog!”-post

It has been a short while since my last post and I have to admit my last few postings have been everything but powerful. I could write about current events in the world, but I am pretty sure that would simply end up in: “Humanity is so stupid, we don’t even deserve this planet!”. Also, I don’t really like to put myself on one side or the other if I don’t know all the facts. And you cannot tell me that our local news give us all the facts.

So as that’s out of the question all there would be, are a couple of philosophical questions, what’s going on in my life and how much I love my cat, but – well – there is absolutely nothing going on with my life right now. There are a few things that ALMOST happened, but didn’t, so those aren’t worth mentioning, also I’m sure you can’t be bothered to hear all about my new “love” (it’s a phase) for baking and preparing pumpkin stuff. You already know I love my cat – she’s adorable and I shall be called the crazy cat lady with pride. I have been writing a few philosophical texts, but most of them are either complete nonsense – even to me – or in German, so that would not help you.

Therefore forgive me if I am not blogging as frequently as I used to – I was so full of hate during school (which I’ve now graduated) that I could have ranted on for days! I will let you know as soon as anything exciting happens to me. I think that’s better than rambling on about pointless nonsense like I have been lately.



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