I need help! – from playwrights and partyplanners!

It is urgent!

So, to start, because this matter is probably shorter to explain, I need ideas for a great new year’s eve! You see, I’m the type of person who is fine with simply cooking and baking some nice goods, mixing some cocktails, inviting a few friends over and seeing what happens. I don’t like clubbing (neither seals, nor actually going to clubs), because I have some form of club-claustrophobia ever since that one “Abi-Party” a few months ago, I much prefer bars or – staying home. This Sylvester my sister will be out – she moved out yesterday – and my parents will be celebrating somewhere else too. So we would have the house to ourselves! It’s perfect.

But we would only be three or four people and my friend, who had a boring new year’s https://i1.wp.com/www.frankfurt.frblog.de/wp-content/images/2003_silvester.jpgeve last year (I was in bed or over the toilet with the flu at the time, so – sorry – but my night was worse), says she does not want to spend the evening at anyone’s house, but go somewhere else and celebrate in the city or something. She sent us a link to a three-day stay in a four-star hotel in Frankfurt (I live in a town near-by) with fondue (where I wouldn’t be able to eat the bread) and champagne and some other food. But to be honest I don’t see the fun in that, especially when you look at the price.

So, we said we did not want to do that, but promised to think of something else.

I can’t. So, if ANYONE has ANY ideas that don’t involve staying at home or going to a club, please tell me! Thank you!

So, the second matter; a long time ago in a land far away….to get to the point, a couple of people and I were working on a theatre project for quite a while, but things weren’t moving along too smoothly or quickly. Reasons were school (I was graduating at the time), university and people going to Chile for four months, telling me about it shortly before boarding the plane. So, in the end, we were four people, me being the only one who really had any time to work on the project. But when I came up with the idea I had meant for it to be a group effort. I did not think I could do it on my own. And they have truly given me a lot of very helpful input. We now have a vague storyline, a beginning and an ending. I thought we might still be able to do it. But then a few weeks ago my last “active” co-producer (everyone else was basically on stand-by due to needing time for studying and all), told me she wanted to take on a more passive role.

So it was just me left. To be honest I gave up on for a bit, even though for such a long time I didn’t want to accept the fact that I’d failed. Then, also a few weeks ago – well, months – the restaurant I worked in closed and I was made redundant. However I had a chat with my ex-colleague about what we were doing now. I told him about our project, but explained I had trouble relying on the others, unfortunately.

He suggested that, instead of – how I originally planned it – acting and trying out the scenes to build a play, I ought to write it.

You’d think this is one of those life changing moments, right? I get fired, then return to my dark room to write the play of a lifetime – the only problem is, I may be a writer, but I am no playwright.

In my short life I have written two plays. The first – I was thirteen or so – was awful. It was a comedy (or supposed to be) about Cupid trying to get a workaholic young woman to fall in love with the janitor. Meanwhile the devil was doing everything to stop him. An angel was always at Cupid’s side, making sure the devil does not succeed without Cupid ever even knowing about the devil’s interference. The Angel is very worried that Cupid will have another nervous break-down. As you can imagine, there is a happy ending.

I guess the idea wasn’t awful, but the writing was. The second play was about a group of young people who had forgotten the word “love”, therefore all there was to aspire to was meaningless sex and sexist remarks. Let’s say I was inspired by my old classmates, the lovely bunch. There is one couple, who have a crush on each other, but can’t define it. They end up in the land of words, an enormous library run by twins, Fridolin and Ferdinand. Everything they say rhymes. So, the teenagers take the trip to this land, rediscover love and come back as the odd ones with a real relationship.

With that play I managed to write an 8-page long poem. But it’s not a play, as such.

So, to all the playwrights or people who know a little something about writing a good play: What do I do? I am open to any tips or anything, really. Since this project is rather important to me, I’m afraid I’ll do something – or everything wrong.

The thing about this play is that it does not have an action-packed, exciting storyline. It revolves around one moment, basically, which is someone trying to make a decision. The main dialogue is simply between the protagonist and another, imagined person. Every other scene – I have a couple in mind – evolves out of this dialogue. My main worry is that it will simply be boring or dry.

Help, please?

Thank you!


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