The minor problem with instant messaging…

…is that it is not as instant as you may first think.

Whoever has ever had “What’s App” installed on their phone may well have been tested for their patience a few times. With “What’s App” (and similar instant messaging Apps) you can see whether the person you’re awaiting a reply from is online or not and when he or she was last online. There are also two hooks next to your sent message that indicate the intended recipient has indeed received your message.

So, say you sent that message five minutes ago, you add those two hooks next to your message and a status next to the recipient’s name saying Last online 2 minutes ago together and your result will be something like this:

I do not have “What’s App” on my phone since it would not work due to lack of updates. But it told me I could not install any more updates due to lack of memory space, which is incorrect, I checked. It’s just because my phone is old – for Smartphone standards.

However, I do admit to be slightly spoiled concerning instant messaging. I use a “What’s App” – Alternative called “Telegram”, which apparently does not sell you out to the NSA. You can even start so-called secret conversation, though I am not sure what the means.

What annoys me most though is the Facebook chat. I have it on my computer and I have it on my phone (it is killing my phone, slowly, painfully, but they told me I needed the messenger on my phone if I wanted to keep the Facebook App in general. Thanks you blackmailers!).

In the Facebook chat you can see if someone is online in general and you can see when the recipient saw your message. But these messages are easily ignored and overlooked, then forgotten, especially if you have messages coming on from all sorts of people on all kinds of programmes. So, I guess it is understandable…I guess. But I am an impatient person – and not just due to instant messaging.

You see, I just finished writing a play (yay me!), but I cannot proceed without the feedback of a couple of people. Now I know they have their own lives and don’t spend their time staring at their messenger or E-Mail alerts and I know it’s ten p.m. and all, but when I have just finished a big chunk of work like that – having a life is the most annoying thing to me. Especially since I know some of them have seen my message, yet failed to reply so far.

If it were up to me, I would have them all read it until tomorrow, then we’d get together and act it out. But no, it will take them days, weeks and some won’t get back to me at all. And then nothing at all might happen.

I realise this is not like waiting for your test results at the doctors or your exam results that decide your future, but have I mentioned I am impatient?

JUST get back to me, please. NOW.


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