A new/old way to end prostitution?

I came across this article on esnortica.co about Sweden’s approach on prostitution. Their approach is basically what women’s rights activists have been asking for for ages: Criminalize the buying of sex, but legalize the selling of it, so shifting the blame from the prostitute to the consumer.

In addition to the two pronged legal strategy, a third and essential element of Sweden’s prostitution legislation provides for ample and comprehensive social service funds aimed at helping any prostitute who wants to get out, and additional funds to educate the public. As such, Sweden’s unique strategy treats prostitution as a form of violence against women in which the men who exploit by buying sex are criminalized, the mostly female prostitutes are treated as victims who need help, and the public is educated in order to counteract the historical male bias that has long stultified thinking on prostitution.

Read the rest of the article here: http://esnoticia.co/noticia-8790-swedens-prostitution-solution-why-hasnt-anyone-tried-this-before


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