You know…that’s just not true (Me vs. (Men vs. Women))

In my last post I talked partially about stereotypes and how w should stop defining ourselves and others by them. This is a less serious post, well, sort of (because the last one was so super serious), but with examples.

Now I, like many, have a Facebook account. I still refuse to get a Twitter account or anything else. Usually, it takes me just a few moments to find some post with a thousand likes and five hundred comments (usually these comments only contain names … ) with some generalised stereotypical image. Or a picture and a title that says: “Hot girls be like…” or “Guys be like…” or “Bitches be like…”or whatever be like (That’s not a proper sentence, people! Speak english! You know how!). And sometimes I agree – on rare occasions – but generally I sit there thinking to myself: “Not really, no.”

Of course whoever makes these graphs or pictures does not claim that these facts are scientific or universal, but they do seem pretty convinced of what they’re stating.

I have a problem with generalisations. Obviously I don’t like it when people talk about the typical woman: Superficial, pretending to be strong, yet actually being really needy and just wanting a strong man to carry them on their shoulders and all that, but I also disagree with the image of the typical man: Arrogant, and at a total loss with anything that has to do with cooking, shopping or choosing a color.

What often happens in this highly scientific graphics, is that they seem to highlight all the differences between men and women. And they paint it like it’s a never-ending odyssey of trying to find out what the other person is saying. Any why does it always have to be men vs. women? Why can’t it be men and women trying to work it out and getting to know each other (surely someone can find a shorter version of that sentence).

We start out so young, thinking as little kids that the opposite sex is stupid, so it starts out by constant outside evaluations, judgements and what not before you even come into actual contact with the alien life force!

Now, this is based on my observations – I am not generalizing 🙂 Much.

But it seems we are – or at least I was – pretty afraid of boys. I still have trouble talking to them, lastly because I thought I would not suffice as I was not like the “typical girl” (who seemed to look great in a bikini at 13…how is that even possible?)
Hmm…not really…

understand that we are different sexes, girls have vaginas and men have peni (penis? penises?), that seems to be generally the case BUT we are still the same species, even though Social Media seems to act like we’re not. I used to believe in the whole “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”- thing, but honestly I don’t think we’re that different. As human beings, we all have our insecurities and such, but it’s how we’re taught by society (it’s funny how every time I blame society for something, I feel a lot smarter) that we react to whatever feelings we have (Again, this is what I think, everything varies on an individual basis – some of us are sociopaths and some of us aren’t). I just feel like if we did not have this society, if we had a different one completely, the typical woman, man and relationship would be completely different. Obviously.

So, you know, what I’m saying is: I’m not like that and neither is anyone I know. So..who exactly are they referring to?
That’s not me either…

So, either these images are all wrong – or I’m not female – but I’m pretty sure I am, I checked.
However, I don’t take ages to get ready to go out, I don’t lay my clothes out on my bed, I do not like men picking me up and carrying me around like a Chihuahua BUT yes, I do believe in man flu. There’s no denying that. How about you?


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