It’s been a while!

Oh, you’re here too? How’ve you been? Good? That’s great! Okay, cool. Talk to you later. Bye.

Aaaanyway…now that awkward moment has passed we move on. I know it’s only three weeks since my last post, but to me, it feels like a long, long time. I’ve been meaning to post something magnificent for a while now and believe I have written a lot – but a lot of nothing.

So, in a not so magnificent way, here’s what you’ve missed: The last two weeks I’ve been in Switzerland – I’m back now…have been for a week…so….it was a two weeks, one week ago, ok? – and I visited friends and almost family and even went to some political activities and stuff. I also went to a workshop organised by Upstage theatre Bern (this is the capital city of Switzerland, boys and girls),which is an amateur english speaking theatre group. Our super-duper joyful and very very cool and professional … *breathe iiin* teacher was Mr. Giovanni Ortega who is not italian…or spanish, but American..sort of. I suppose when i heard his name I was half-expecting him to speak like Ben Barnes in “The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian” … a girl can dream.

What can I say? It was great! Really, really great! I told all my friends about it even when they would not hear of it and I just kept talking until they’d painfully and forcefully changed the subject.

The first part was about method acting. It began with a type of meditation (some fell asleep…I heard very heavy snoring) which helped get focused, then we did various, rather spontaneous activities like mirroring or working in groups of two, then four and so on. I really missed that! The energy was amazing and you could just tell that every single person in that room (well, except for the upstage representative surveying the whole thing) was there to act and feel and jump over their shadow. There was this one guy where I could not tell if he was just acting not to care or if he really wasn’t that interested.,,

The afternoon consisted of a workshop which offered an introduction into directing, where we had to pair up in groups of two (I think that’s what “pairing up” means..but just to be clear) and tell each other stories and then direct our actor who told our story. That was fun, though I wish I’d have had more time to think it through and make it clear how I wanted it. It was good the way my partner did it, but in hindsight I had so many ideas I might as well make a whole play out of it. In my notebook I’ve called it “Ideas of a twelve-year-old”…not very original, but you know, it’s a sketch. For a small child, everything is so much bigger and more important, more impressive – until you come out with it in front of the grown-ups who pat your head and say something like: “Very nice, dear.” or “Oh, never mind.”

The exercise kind of…spun out of control with our group. We were four people and had two separate groups who, in the scene, should interact with each other. But before that there would be two separate conversations. The problem was, the first pair would not shut up. And my partner and I never really got to talk and the whole thing took ages and then came the end and we all left the stage but one. I had told him four times what our ending was going to be. We had come up with it together, in fact. And I reminded him, again and again and the others both new. But when the end came, he would not stop. So, he ended up rambling on in a personal monologue for another three minutes with everybody left thinking: “Oh…okay…cool?”

I mean, it was a very funny monologue. But the whole thing was just complete chaos. We could have done that way better.

But anyway, all in all it was a very successful workshop and I really hope to see that group of people again . the wonderful thing was our ages went from 19/18 (I was probably one of the youngest) to 70-something.

Oh and I have more news: I am going to England! I have managed to organise myself a work experience for a theatre in England and luckily I can live with relatives who have a home nearby. This is great and I’m so excited and whoop! I hope I’ll be able to write lots and lots about my time in Portsmouth!

What else? It’s going to be Christmas in three days and then it will be new year and then I am flying to England! Here’s to 2015!


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